IT HAS never been more important, given today’s challenging economic climate, to be appreciated by your boss.

But if you feel your potential or skills are undervalued or overlooked, perhaps it is time to get noticed at work.

Now is not the time to be invisible and let your work fall under your boss’s radar. Hays, a global company that provides specialist recruitment services, recommends the following tips to help you get noticed:

Positive impact

Remember when you first started on the job? You were out to make a good impression at every chance you got through the quality of your work.

It is time to get into that frame of mind again and use every opportunity to impress your manager with the good work you produce.

What is important, though, is that people notice your positive impact. Sell yourself at work by using the positive results you achieve.

For example, in meetings, make sure everyone knows what you are working on and what the outcomes are for the business.

Add value

Businesses are understandably looking at increasing revenue as well as process and cost improvements, so look to where you can add value. For example, if you work in the construction industry, then demonstrate business development or bid skills.

Upgrade your skills

Take every opportunity to volunteer for additional tasks that will not only improve your own employable skill base, but also make you even more invaluable to your employer.

Be honest

Don’t panic, or worse, try to hide it. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is how you handle the aftermath that can show your real strengths. Be honest with your manager, and go to him with a plan of how you intend to rectify the error.

Remember the basics

Arrive for work on time, show enthusiasm, look and act professionally and be organised. Don’t watch the clock and be prepared to do that little bit extra — it does get noticed.

There are some other things you can do to boost your profile in the office, such as keeping a record of your achievements, volunteering for committees, staying updated with trends in your industry, exceeding targets, getting work in before the deadline and improving any skills that are deficient.

Also get to know people in other departments. They could prove to be powerful allies.