You are amazing. It is official.

Even though I may not have met you yet, I know you have several amazing talents that give you a number of advantages in certain activities over other people.

I also know that you have cultivated several skills and abilities over the years that have made you even more valuable and, well, amazing.

Could you be even more amazing?

Sure you could. Just do even more amazing things even more often.

How? Cultivate a mindset of victory, leverage your talents, focus on growth and ensure completion.

This will build your relationship with yourself, and while you are being amazing serving other people, you will build your relationship with others too.

When you do that, you are cultivating a Victor mindset.

Victor mindset

I am often engaged by corporate and government organisations to speak about what I call the mindset of victory.

It is a motivational business growth programme that I give at conventions, seminars and leadership retreats that helps individuals train themselves to cultivate a positive possibility mindset.

This type of thinking promotes effective creation and execution of strategies, communication plans and training activities.

When the psychology of your team is set for victory, the outcomes are more positive, solution-oriented, as well as growth and development focused, because the mind is focused on seeking resources to assist in goal attainment rather than finding obstacles.

Growth focus

In the V9 profile, a person with a Victor mindset thinks with positive possibility.

Rather than talking about what is wrong all the time like people with the Martyr mindset, the victor is focusing on how things can improve.

Rather than shirking accountability and blaming others for his poor results — like a person with a Victim mindset — the victor is engaged in influencing a team of people to improve performance and move closer to the goal.

Rather than stepping on others to advance themselves like the mercenary does, the victor is focused on growth — developing others, developing their business, developing their clients’ businesses and seeking to develop his own skills along the way.

To do all this, the victor applies his skills and leverages his talents.

Take advantage of your talents

Some 2,000 years ago, a talent was a unit of weight used primarily to measure gold and silver.

There are a number of interpretations of its value. One is that it is equivalent to 3,000 shekels in weight with a shekel weighing 11g.

If gold today is US$52 (S$67) per gram, and a talent is 33,000g, then the value of a talent is over US$1.7 million.

Your talents are worth their weight in gold, yet many people are so incredibly talented but without the gold to show for it.

Your talents are your gifts, your advantages. Identify what they are and how you can incorporate them even more into your life.

I recently read a beautiful question from a teenage boy who asked: “How many talents does an average person have? I’ve got six.”

He then listed them and asked: “Is that a normal amount for a 16-year-old?”

Based on the value of his talents, those six should earn him a cool US$10 million if he does anything with them.

Having talents and not using them is a waste. Starting a race without finishing it does not produce positive results.

Complete the task

For complete amazingness, it is important to focus on finishing.

Completion comes from disciplining yourself to apply your talents, knowledge and skills to achieve your goals.

I present performance improvement and change programmes for leaders.

While key elements of these programmes include clarity of performance objectives, communicating expectations, managing people development, shifting mindsets and increasing productivity, no amount of the practical tools and strategies that are also shared will make any difference if they are not applied until completion.

Motivation is a key element to encouraging performance to help people complete.

Completion also builds lasting confidence. Because we respect those who have done positive things that we too wish to do, if we actually do what we have not yet done, then our self-confidence soars.

Now be even more amazing and find out more, apply what you have learnt and further improve performance.

Enjoy becoming the even more amazing version of you!