MANY people are good at what they do but seldom achieve greatness. They are content with being good simply because they are convinced that greatness is for the gifted few.

They will be surprised to learn that being great at something - whether it is running a business or offering first-rate customer service - is more achievable than they think, if they use the following tips.

A little more effort

In golf, the difference between first and second place can be just one stroke. However, the prize money between the first and second (or even third) positions usually differs by a few times. And very few people remember who came in second or third - everyone remembers only the first. Since you are already putting in so much effort to be good, why not push yourself a little more to make your work great?

Keep goals in sight

In his book, Good To Great, Mr Jim Collins comments that some of the great companies face less suffering and perhaps less work. This is because great companies are able to realise that much of what they are doing is a waste of energy and have the ability to focus on objectives that will only drive the company towards a singular goal.

He adds: "I am not saying that going from good to great is easy... but I am asserting that those who strive to turn good into great find the process no more painful or exhausting than those who settle for just letting things wallow along in mind-numbing mediocrity. Yes, turning good into great requires energy, but building the momentum adds more energy back in to the pool than it takes out."

Ask the right questions

If you have ever asked the questions: "Why do I need to be great? Isn't success enough?", my question to you would be whether you are in the right career.

If you are engaged in something that you really love and are passionate about, that question becomes irrelevant.

This is because when you are in the flow of doing what you really enjoy and like, you will want to make it greater and better.

You will be asking better questions like: "How can I add more value for my clients or my organisation?"

Make a conscious decision to be great in what you do. Since you are already striving to be good, why not take it to the next level and be great?