A suitable outfit is a must when you are attending a job interview. It is crucial to be well groomed and have a fitting, coordinated, frills-free and somewhat formal (if you're applying for an executive position in a corporation which places great emphasis on professional image) attire because it can either make or break an employment opportunity.

Here are some pointers you should take note of when heading for your recruitment meeting:

* Prepare, clean and iron your clothes in advance, and find matching shoes (preferably not open-toe) to go with them. If you realise that you can't find what you need in your wardrobe, shop for them before it's too late.

* Always take a bath/shower so that you look fresh and feel more alert. Wash, dry and style your hair neatly.

* Wear lightly scented deodorant to convey pleasant vibes. Don't apply too much or use an overwhelmingly intoxicating fragrance.

* Brush and/or rinse your mouth with a mouthwash to ward off bad breath. Take a full meal before your interview and refrain from eating thereafter so that you don't risk getting bits of food stuck between your teeth. To play it safe, go to the washroom for one final check. Bring along a packet of dental floss and breath mints, in case you need them.

* Men, shave your facial hair so that you don't look unkempt. If you keep a moustache or goatee, do trim it to so that you look more presentable. As a general rule, one should avoid going for interviews with a beard - unless your job requires you to look more mature or serious - as it tends to distract.)

* Clean your nails and remove chipped nail polish. Better yet - go for a classic manicure if you can afford the money and time.

* Avoid huge and chunky jewellery. It can distract from you.

* Ladies, apply light make-up that enhances your eyes, and add a little blush for a natural look and fresh appeal.

* Wear an unobtrusive and simple wristwatch to help you keep track of the time.

* If you're really unsure about how to dress, ask the company about its dress requirements and preferred codes.

* Finally, your appearance and actions are a direct reflection of your mental outlook. So remember to be confident and think positively about yourself.

Good luck, and may the best man (or woman) win!