Covered in cement dust, a young Englishman removes ceiling parts with a pneumatic drill in a Beach Road colonial building - the only other British feature at this location.

Apart from his safety helmet and boots, blond Ian Napier looks nothing like a typical construction worker. 

But for the past two weeks, the 22-year-old has been trying his hand at being one, working and sleeping alongside his Thai and Chinese colleagues 24 hours a day.

'The only thing you create with demolition is a mess,' said the Manchester native, adding that his toughest task at work was carrying 20kg bags of debris out to be disposed of. 

This immersive experience is part of an internship project, Made By Migrants, started by Mr Napier and two of his fellow interns at advertising agency BBH Asia Pacific.

The three were tasked by their company to come up with a campaign that will 'do something good, famously'.

They called more than 50 construction companies before one - KC Construction - agreed to take him in. He had to work for free, and take the mandatory Construction Safety Orientation Course, which orientates foreign workers to aspects like safety requirements and the dangers at worksites.

The digital media student, who is doing his internship at BBH's office here, records his interactions with his colleagues in words, pictures and videos, and posts them as daily blog updates to the site at

'I hope the experience will allow me to share their motivations, their dreams and their stories with other Singaporeans here,' he said.