Occasionally, I feel a bit lacking in motivation, just like everybody else.

When such feelings hit me, I turn to a tried-and-trusted way to build self-motivation. I spend time with positive people.

Last Saturday, I had lunch (well, beer and chips) with five of my really good friends. They are always interested in what I am doing, they are really supportive and they make me laugh. When I leave them, I feel much better and more motivated than I did before we met.

I like to think that I do the same for them. That is the secret to receiving support and motivation from others - you need to hand out some "warm glows".

So let me ask you, do you remember how you felt after your last interaction with another person either on the phone or face to face? That person could have been one of your customers, a colleague, a salesman, a friend or even a member of your family.

Did he make you feel good, uplifted and more positive? Did he leave you feeling neutral or, even worse, feeling down and more negative?

Unfortunately, most of us have grown up in a negative culture where it is much easier to tell people what they did wrong rather than praise them when they succeed.

Research in the United States found that 65 per cent of employees received no recognition for good work in the past year. Similar research in other countries of the world shows comparable results.

Other research has shown that the number one reason people leave their jobs, and customers take their business elsewhere, is that they do not feel appreciated.

If customers leave an interaction with you or one of your team feeling better than they did before, then they are much more likely to come back, recommend you to other people and spend more money with you.

If one of your team feels better after an interaction with you, then he is more likely to pass that feeling onto a customer.

Dr Karl Albrecht, a respected management consultant, strategic thinker, author and speaker, once said: "The way you treat your staff is the way they'll treat your customers."

Think of the impact your behaviour as a leader has on the bottom line.

So give some positive and motivational comments to the other people in your life and you will have a workplace that is more productive and more fun. A positive workplace and happy workers attract more happy customers.

Positive, motivated people tend to be happier in their personal lives too, with more friends, better relationships and better health. If you want to make a difference to your team members, remember to hand out warm glows, not dampeners.