HELPING people to manage their money wisely is a lucrative profession for Mr Sean Lim, 32, an independent financial consultant who earns between $20,000 and $30,000 every month.

His income in commissions and fees is the reward for six years of hard work in Financial Alliance, a company that provides an array of wealth management services and products.

It helps clients do different types of financial planning and pick the best products to meet their needs.

The products offered by banks, investment and insurance firms include investments in unit trusts, stocks and shares, insurance policies and retirement savings schemes.

Clients of Financial Alliance can also get loans for residential properties, plan tax payments, prepare their wills and ensure proper distribution of their estates after they die.

Mr Lim and his team of 12 colleagues, who are independent financial consultants, serve some 1,500 clients in all.

He earns big bucks because he has the passion, patience and skills to win the trust and confidence of people who want their money to grow.

He and his teammates work together to provide a variety of "one-stop financial centre services".

"We give advice, do the financial planning for our clients, submit our reports to them, and recommend the best solutions to meet their needs," he says.

"The solutions are based on comparisons of various wealth management products.

"We recommend what is in the best interest of our clients. As independent financial consultants, we are not obliged to push the products of only one bank, investment or insurance firm.

"We represent the interests of our clients. Their best interest is our top priority."

Mr Lim says he and his team perform a challenging, rewarding, meaningful and personally satisfying job.

"We help many people who don't know how to manage their finances to meet their financial objectives.

"We feel that what we do is very meaningful. We have the passion and believe strongly in the advice we give.

"We work hard and have plenty of patience. It takes time for us to build up the number of clients.

"It is normal for some potential clients to reject our proposals. But when this happens to me, I don't give up.

"I continue to stay in touch with them. I send e-mails and letters on the latest products and developments in the wealth management industry. I make it clear that I am a long-term player. I am not doing my work for a short run."

A former banker with OCBC Bank, the accountancy graduate joined Financial Alliance six years ago to tap the market for financial services.

He signed up after passing examinations held by the Singapore College of Insurance for applicants who want to be qualified as financial planners.

The examinations tested his knowledge of insurance and financial products approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Mr Lim went through three months of training in financial planning, provided by Financial Alliance for new recruits with no experience in the wealth management industry.

In his first year with the company, it was tough for him to earn an average monthly income of about $4,000 in commissions and fees.

Back then, he did not have his current team working under his supervision.

He was a solo performer working long hours and on weekends to build up his small clientele, mostly his close friends. Impressed by his good advice and service, they referred him to their friends.

Mr Lim used tele-marketeers, seminars and road shows to increase his pool of clients. These marketing strategies continue to be an integral aspect of the work he does now.

He believes the wealth management industry here will continue to grow.

"More Singaporeans and other residents of Singapore will be richer in the years ahead," he says.

"They will seek financial advice to manage their funds wisely."