It is hard to believe that it was way back in 1964 that British rock band The Who was formed by lead guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend.

Having written 27 top 40 singles, he combined the talents of friends as band members and the mesmerising voice of lead singer Roger Daltry to see The Who admitted into Rock & Roll’s Hall of Fame in 2001.

Highly honoured for its musical creativity at concerts and performances, The Who has kept its music endearing to its fan base for over four and a half decades and sold 100 million albums and CDs along its journey.

You might be among the tens of millions of people around the world who watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation each week. CSI show producer Jerry Bruckheimer has used the iconic song Whoooo Are You? in every one of the opening show credits since the first episode aired on Oct 6, 2000.

The title and lyrics of this song ask a profound question, and I too would like you to further investigate how you arrived at being “you”.

Six tips to have a better year

Reflect, review, renew   

What have you achieved personally and professionally that you are most proud of? 

Who has inspired you as a role model or as a mentor along your journey in life or business?

Where have you travelled to that is beyond your neighbourhood or city that has offered you a different perspective on other cultures or history?

Manage change and adaptation

Psychologists suggest that a significant change in one of the following areas will cause undue stress to a person:

* Death of a family member, close friend or beloved pet;

* Moving home or city location;

* Job loss or career change;

* A serious health or medical issue involving a relative, friend or self; and

* A personal relationship change like separation, divorce or new marriage.

Three or more issues at any one time can lead to depression and/or anxiety issues, so it's important to learn how to manage change and adaptation.

What professional skills have you learnt?

A long-time colleague of mine is an excellent certified public accountant and has recently completed an in-depth Singapore Institute of Company Directors programme. She is now even more qualified to consult to private and public company boards. She has “skilled up” and, as a result, is getting new work from clients who can justify her higher skills and professional fees.

Know where your time goes

The constant yet limited resource at your disposal is time.  Factually, if you take 24 hours in a day and multiply that by 365 days/nights in a year, you will have 8,760 hours to use.  A 1 per cent use is 88 hours, or about two 40-hour work weeks for most employed people.

Be very wise about how you spend your most valuable commodity and asset with social groups, charities or community groups.

Balance health, family, friends and work

Easier said than done, you say?

Consider outsourcing some of the things on your list of to dos to gain new time and personal space each week to improve your health and close relationships. 

What do you want to enjoy and celebrate one year from today?

Start making your list and planning the steps you need to take.