COUNTRY singer Mary Chapin Carpenter has a line in one of her songs that goes: "Sometimes you're the windshield; sometimes you're the bug."

When I have suddenly lost my confidence, I feel more like the bug than the windshield.

When this happens, it is easy to replay the situation over and over again, hoping for a different ending. This usually only makes me feel worse.

What I really need is something to remind me that being the "bug" is a temporary state.

I don't think I'm alone here. All of us need confidence boosters at some time in our lives.

Here are four quick tips for boosting your confidence:

1. Remember a time when you were confident.

Write down a past experience that gave you confidence.

Think about why this experience made you feel confident. Who was involved? What happened? What did you do?

Be as detailed about this experience as you can so that it is vivid in your mind.

Refer to this experience to remind you that you have been confident before and will be again!

2. Make a success album.

Use a 3x5 card to write down things you have been successful at in the past.

In this case, success is anything you have done that has made you proud of yourself.

It may be cleaning out your closets or bringing in a big account for work. Put the cards in a photo album.

When your confidence is low, read the cards in your album to remind you that you have been successful in the past.

3. Affirm your confidence.

Leave written affirmations on sticky notes in places where you will see them regularly.

The notes can contain action affirmations such as "You can do it" or a favourite confidence-building quote.

It is best to use short phrases that are easily remembered, and always use positive words.

For example, it is better to say, "I am successful" rather than "I am not a failure".

When you see the affirmation, it is also helpful to say it aloud rather than read it silently.

4. Let your answering machine pick up your confidence.

Ask friends to call your answering machine and leave positive comments about your strengths, talents and what makes you special to them.

When things are not going well, listen to these comments to remind yourself that there are people who believe you are talented and very special.

Use these ideas to recharge your confidence.

They are simple to do and useful to anyone who experiences a sudden loss of confidence or needs a confidence boost.

They will help remind you to be the windshield and not the bug!