Have you ever got to the end of your day and wondered where the time went, and what in the world you accomplished? You knew you were busy doing something all day, but you didn’t have any results to show for it.

Perhaps you suffer from the “busy-doing-nothing” syndrome. You are busy doing all the wrong things, not achieving the results you need. You are not focused during the day and are easily distracted. You have no plan really. You just take the day as it comes. You are exhausted and fatigued at the end of the day, but you can’t explain why.

Here are some tips to help you be more productive each day:

Develop a daily ritual

What are your daily firsts, things you do to jumpstart your day? For me, I get up earlier than the rest of my house. I exercise. I read or write in my journal. I pray. I have my first cup of coffee.

Having that quiet time to myself helps prepare me for the day. My days are much more productive when I make sure I’ve done my daily firsts. I create the mindset for a great day.

Take command of your days

Plan what you need to focus on each day and be intentional about getting it done. I am big on to-do lists, but I had to learn how to streamline them.

I would start each day with a long list of things that even Superwoman couldn’t get done in a day.

I’d get through a few items, but at the end of the day, as I reviewed what I had completed versus what I had left, I would still feel unproductive.

Now, I start each day with a “hot” list, a short list of things that I must focus on; things that, when I complete them, will make me feel productive. Determine the best use of your time.

Use a calendar

Scheduling your action items will keep you focused. You will become more intentional about completing your tasks. Make sure these action items include the things that will move you closer to your goals. Check out Getting It Done by David Allen at www.davidco.com, which has a great system that I use.

Simplify your life

People who suffer from the “busy-doing-nothing” syndrome may have too many things on their plate, too many commitments and responsibilities. Assess what you are involved in. Are those things supporting your values and priorities? Is it something you have the time to do? If your life is weighed down with things that are only eating up your time, take back your time. Drop the weight.

Don’t procrastinate

Just get it done. What more needs to be said? You know what you have to do. There is no cure for procrastination except to do the task.

Work smart

Do harder tasks or time-consuming tasks during your high peak times. When are you most energetic? Use that time wisely by working on the hard tasks. This will also help you avoid procrastinating.

Avoid distractions

Stop checking e-mail throughout the day. Turn off the Twitter and Facebook notifications. Stay focused on your hot list.

There are many ways to become more productive each day. You have to find what works for you and be committed to implementing it daily.