Seeing the way speaker Sarah Schubert interact with participants at a workshop organised on 22 Feb 2012 makes it difficult for one to imagine that she is actually an introvert by nature.

“I am! But I force myself to come out of my shell and speak to people sometimes, in order to build networks,” explains Sarah.

At the one-day ‘Influential Communication Strategies’ workshop, Sarah taught participants essential communication strategies that they can employ to empower themselves at the workplace.

As she recounts her personal experience as examples in an environment where politics thrive, she preaches that it is important for one to learn about negotiation skills and use it as a strategic weapon.

“Firstly, justify your presence – make sure there is a purpose for you when speaking to someone, and ensure that your message is sent across. Secondly, learn to ask the right questions and LISTEN to your stakeholders, be it managers, clients or customers – this ensures a win-win situation,” says Sarah, who has been running workshops for 15 years.

Another interesting take away from the workshop is the ‘Elevator Speech’, an ideal way for anyone to identify his unique selling points and ‘market’ himself to prospective clients and stakeholders in 90 seconds or less – the approximate amount of time one would spend in an elevator with a stranger.

Mr Lawrence Wong, the workshop organiser, was impressed with the turnout at the workshop; he attributes this to the “successful marketing campaign via the different communication channels”.

When asked if he would attend other workshops in future, Mr Eddie Tan, a 57-year-old financial services manager said, “Of course! With content that is in-depth and trainers who are able to draw people’s attention, I look forward to the next round of workshops.”