Do you face difficulties in trying to manage stress and time? As part of STJobs’s initiative to help increase productivity amongst working professionals, a series of workshops and seminars were lined up over the month of February. Those looking for tips on how to better manage stress and time found the answer to their dilemma at the fourth of several workshops made available.

Held at SPH News Centre on 23 February 2012 and led by Ms Maria Kassova, the Time & Stress Management course aimed to equip participants with the skills necessary to achieve a better work-life balance as well as for participants to “believe in themselves”.

Ms Kassova, who was based in London for a few years prior to coming to Singapore, highlighted the apparent differences between work cultures. 

She said, “There is a stronger sense of work-life balance in London. The culture, unlike that of Singapore, is one that is more vocal. There is no distinct hierarchy that deters the exchange of opinions.

“In Singapore, it seems that many are overwhelmed by work and in the process of achieving career excellence, most have forgotten what it means to find happiness in life. It is because of this that makes managing time and stress all the more important,” she adds.

Throughout the course of the workshop, Ms Kassova repeatedly highlighted the importance of “positive energy and focus” and through several activities, cultivated a light-hearted atmosphere.

Mr George Aly Razy from PT Aryan Indonesia had nothing but praises for Ms Kassova’s teaching and the workshop. “It was inspirational and enlightening,” said Mr Razy. “The positive energy really made learning so much easier and the experience more valuable.”

Both Mr Razy and his colleague Mr Ahmad Nur Fajri could not wait to apply the skills taught as well as to recommend the course to their fellow colleagues. “I would definitely come back for similar courses in the future,” said Mr Fajri.

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