“You need to have excellent communication skills, above all else, in order to achieve success!”

This was what participants of STJobs’s seminar held at the SPH News Centre on 24 Feb 2012 were told by Shirley Taylor, its facilitator-trainer.

The seminar features two other professionals who are highly trained in the field of communication – Sarah Schubert and Nick French. The former also held a workshop entitled ‘Influential Communication Strategies’, also organised by ST701, on 22 Feb 2012.

“Most people would feel pressurised when asked to give a speech on the spot. I’m here to share how anyone can communicate effectively when under stress, using basic communication tools such as the ‘Rule of Three’,” explains Nick.

In layman’s terms, the ‘Rule of Three’ is made up of three basic conversation topics: time, place and ‘pendulum’. Time can be used to compare how a subject is different now than in the past, and how it may change in future. Place speaks for itself; conversation almost always flows naturally when a place of interest is mentioned. ‘Pendulum’ involves a sensitive topic which may stir mixed reactions, such as politics.

Ms Yenny Poan from Jakarta, Indonesia finds the seminar very useful and interactive. “I read about this seminar in the newspapers and immediately reserved a place. I will definitely share what I’ve learnt with my colleagues from Micko Indonesia,” says the administrative manager, who is here on a business trip.

Ms Yeo Shi Jia, who learnt about the seminar from her father, agrees with Ms Poan. “I just wished that the duration of the seminar was longer so that the topics being discussed could have been covered in greater detail,” says the NUS student.

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