Waiting to further your studies at the University? Whether you’re an A-level graduate, polytechnic graduate or if you have recently completed your National Service, there’s no better time to take up some Part-Time/Temporary jobs to maximise your time before matriculation. 

If administrative duties and/or working at call centres are not your cup of tea, keep an eye out for these interesting jobs to keep yourself occupied instead:

Social media related jobs 
This might sound like a fantasy come true, but there are jobs out there asking for the handling of basic day-to-day social media operations. This is in tandem with the increasing number of firms making use of social media platforms (think Facebook, Twitter) for marketing purposes. For temporary social media related jobs, see what we have to offer here. 

Camp facilitating
Prefer something more engaging? Why not give camp facilitating a try? Hone your leadership and management skills, be constantly kept on your toes and learn to handle what camp participants throw at you (literally and figuratively). For temporary camp facilitating jobs, see what we have to offer here 

Laboratory work 
If a career in the Chemical or Biomedical Sciences industry is what you seek, do keep a look out for lab related stints. Not only will you be able to gain valuable hands-on experience, you will also find out what to anticipate from your chosen field of work. For temporary laboratory related jobs, see what we have to offer here.   

For those looking to venture into teaching, give relief teaching a shot this holiday! You can choose to apply to the Ministry of Education via the Relief Allied Educator (READ) Scheme or find out which tuition/childcare centres are looking for temporary help. Teachers under the READ Scheme are paid at a rate of S$70/day. For temporary teaching jobs, see what we have to offer here

As clichéd as it sounds, with the whole education/work scene becoming more competitive, each second counts. Make full use of the time you now have to gain as much experience as possible and to get ahead of your peers!

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Application for Scholarships / Study Award

If hefty tuition fees are a concern, be sure to do some research on the scholarships available. Do not let financial constraints deter you from unleashing your academic potential. Outstanding students who are looking to apply for a scholarship or study award can check out the CATS Recruit Scholars’ Choice 2012 and submit your application(s) now!

So stop hesitating and start your job search by heading on to http://www.stjobs.sg/ and sign up with us today!