SUPERSTAR sales professionals are top performers who not just deliver on the numbers, they consistently deliver beyond the numbers.

Use the following checklist to see where you stand and what you need to do to become a superstar sales professional.

* Do you commit to a super high sales target?

The top sales professionals across industries are a distinct breed. While average sales professionals are trying their best to figure out how to hit their sales targets, the superstar sales professionals have, on their own, increased their target by up to 10 times and are figuring out how to deliver on their super high sales targets.

* Do you put your heart and soul into achieving your targets?

Superstar sales professionals live and breathe their targets. They have one burning question uppermost in mind: "How do I exceed my sales targets today?"

I have regularly seen the best sales professionals sit in the office alone after everyone has gone home, silently going over their activities of the day. They are figuring out what they need to do to improve tomorrow, then they go home with a sense of peace, confidence and an absolutely focused mind on what they need to accomplish.

* Are you a superb professional?

Professionals have a code or conduct, but superb professionals believe in going beyond what is expected of them. Besides being principled, they are conscious of their actions and polite to everyone. They are gracious, generous, serene, appreciative and compassionate.

One of the biggest secrets of a superstar sales professional is that they genuinely connect with other human beings.

* Are you focused on the future?

A superstar sales professional learns from past mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future. He embraces the mistakes he has made and does not make excuses for them.

He also knows his future is being created now. So he does not procrastinate. He knows the importance of being productive because it brings him closer to his goals.

* Do you hone your skills continuously?

A superstar sales professional never rests on his laurels. He is always moving forward, forever working on his attitude, skill sets and business sets.

To be a superstar sales professional, you have to first be a great communicator. Sales is really communicating a point of view to achieve a mutually desirable result.

A sales superstar has leadership qualities. He is able to convince people that what he is offering is in their best interest. A sales superstar also needs to develop sophisticated negotiation skills.

* Is service your motto?

At the start of the day, the superstar sales professional is focused on the question, "How do I exceed my sales targets today?" But during customer interactions, he constantly asks himself: "How best can I be of service right now?"

I know of a superstar sales professional who knew that he would not be able to fully serve his customer's needs, so he told the customer to buy from a competitor instead! The customer was so impressed by the salesman's attitude that he not only went back to him for subsequent deals but also recommended all his friends and associates too.

* Do you have a professional sales coach?

The truth is, everybody has "blind spots", huge areas of untapped potential that they are not aware of. You can always improve your technical skills (the science of sales) and your non-technical skills (the art of sales). A structured, one-to-one series of coaching sessions can help you on your personal learning curve.

Superstar sales professionals know that investing time and money in sales coaching can propel them to new levels of competence. If you don't have a professional sales coach, consider getting yourself one. Getting to the top is a challenge; staying there is another.