What are the qualities of effective leadership? Do organisational cultures preclude women leaders from being authentic? How do you include the “WOW” factor in your business? What are some of the challenges faced by Asian leaders?

These were some of several questions raised in a one-day seminar held at the SPH Auditorium, News Centre on 8 March 2012. Leaders from different backgrounds attended the seminar, which was one of the programmes offered by STJobs in the month of March aimed at promoting high impact leadership for the 21st century.

“Leadership is about engaging employees, encouraging them and leading change in the organisational environment. It is about getting things done with people and not through them,” Mr Pat Sheehan, the first of four speakers, established in his presentation.

The seminar also featured three other professionals, namely Ms Karen Nicholson, Mr Paul Dunn and Ms Maler Vilee, who each shed some light on the different aspects of leadership.

“It is important that as a leader, that you should be authentic. Unfortunately, some women in leadership for the first time imitate others and consequently they lack authenticity,” Ms Nicholson highlighted in her segment.

“Authenticity is an essential leadership characteristic. It helps you gain trust and employees will know you with a sense of truth. A little vulnerability can be a powerful thing,” she added.

Ms Justina Lee from S.E.T. Logistics Pte Ltd found the seminar enlightening. “It prompted me to do some reflection on how I was performing as a leader. Being able to relate what was discussed to my daily course of work definitely helped.”

Her colleague, Mr Muhammad Ismail could not agree more. “The examples given were very apt and practical connections were made. We need to keep in tandem with the changing management landscape, refresh our skills and admit that approaches that used to work in the past may no longer be relevant today.”

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