Did you know studies have shown that there is no correlation between success and having high IQs? And that some of the more successful people in the world have average IQ levels? Case in point: the late Steve Jobs was a college drop-out.

At a workshop organised by STJobs on Friday, 9 March 2012, titled “Leadership through the Ability to Persuade, Influence and Empower Staff, 20 participants were asked to highlight what makes a boss a good one.

Most of their answers were inclined towards emotional intelligence traits.

With anyone of us, including those in management positions, a common misconception we have is that people perceive us the same way we regard ourselves.

Chris Fenney, who has more than 30 years of experience in training and management development, disagrees. “What you think you are portraying to others may not be how they perceive you. Thus it is always important to develop emotional intelligence (EQ). It is a very useful tool in helping one to influence others,” says Chris.

Indeed, watching the participants interact with Chris, one can see that he has developed good interpersonal and social skills.

“I used to have a nasty temper – that did not make me popular, especially with my staff. Over the years, I’ve learnt to control it and build on my EQ. The beauty of EQ is that it can be developed, unlike IQ, which you are born with,” says Chris.

Ms Ho-Lim Bee, Director of Nursing at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, says, “What I’ve learnt today is not something new, but Chris’ methods are so simple that sometimes we overlook them when dealing with staff. The tools he brought up today are very practical when dealing with everyday work situations.”

Ms Norashekeen Shamsudin, an operations manager with New Horizons, a company that deals with IT training, agrees. “Chris has taught me how I can do ‘profiling’ – this way I can adjust my management style when dealing with different staff,’ she says.

All in all, the participants wished that the workshop could have been extended to two days, as they felt that one day was not adequate to cover Chris’ materials in greater depth.

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