1. Enlist the CEO's and senior management's commitment to communicate and build a disability friendly workplace.

2. Understand more about working with persons with disabilities and sensitise the workforce to enhance acceptance and productivity.

3. Ensure job requirements are relevant and non-discriminatory.

4. In advertising a job, highlight that your organisation is a fair employer and encourages persons with disabilities to apply.

5. Interview process should focus on relevant issues such as professional and technical knowledge, skills, abilities and experience, not on the disability.

6. Do not stereotype or make assumptions about the performance ability. Instead, ask the candidates how they would perform the essential function.

7. Explore alternative job openings, re-design jobs or make reasonable accommodation to enable better performance.

8. Be positive and involve co-workers for greater support. Be prepared to handle concerns of co-workers.

9. Communicate work expectations and review coaching, guidance and appraisal process where appropriate.

10. Treat workers fairly and with respect. Train, develop and advance deserving persons with disabilities.

Source: Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices