Looking for a job is a multi-faceted process. No matter what kind of job you are looking for and no matter what the current climate might be, finding a job is not a one-dimensional affair.

This means that you need to be approaching the task from a variety of perspectives. One of the single most important steps that you can take is to make strides in improving your product presentation.

“Product presentation?” you ask. You are the product when you are looking for a job. This means that the better you can “sell” that product, the quicker you will find a job that you love.

In this article, we will examine five different ways that practising public speaking can benefit you when it comes time to look for a job.

1. Building confidence

Many people are intimidated or downright scared to speak in front of large groups. In fact, this is one of the most commonly held phobias. Yet, the good news is that this issue can be overcome with practice. If you are intimidated by speaking in public, the best way to conquer this fear is to simply begin speaking to larger groups.

Speaking in front of groups will build your confidence, and that will speak for itself when you go on future job interviews. Most of the time, employers like having confident employees. After all, a confident employee is one that believes that he or she can handle tough situations and “get things done”.

2. Be more comfortable

With confidence usually comes a level of comfort. Public speaking will not just help you build your confidence, but will also help you become more comfortable around others. Comfortable people are generally viewed as being warmer and more personable, and these are the kind of qualities that employers routinely look for when hiring. Personable people are easier to work with, as they are more likely to get along with others and be a valuable contributor to a team.

3. Speak with ease

To be comfortable speaking around others, it is also important that you are not only comfortable around others, but also in your “own skin” as well. The simple fact is that many people are not happy hearing themselves speak. When you are at an interview, you want to be satisfied with your performance and not worried about what you sound like.

The more practice you have with public speaking, the more likely you are to develop your own style. This, in turn, will help you build your confidence levels even further. It’s a positive feedback loop in that the more you practise, the better you will get at public speaking and the more confidence you will have. Now, you are really getting ready to tackle job interviews.

4. Keep practising

Part of developing communication skills and an effective communication style is to practise in front of other people. It is one thing to practise any activity alone and quite another to practise in front of others.

The pressure of having other people watch you perform adds a level of psychological pressure that must be overcome and adapted to in order to progress. You may find it easy to transition from practising public speaking alone to speaking to groups, but you won’t know until you get out there and start talking!

5. Get feedback

The final major way that public speaking will help you during job interviews is that when you speak to groups you can get feedback. You can acquire this feedback in a variety of ways.

This includes having trusted friends or associates watch your public speaking and give you tips, as well as the opportunity to ask strangers what they thought of your speech. Some circumstances might even allow for you to ask people to fill out short surveys or send you their feedback via e-mail. Don’t be shy about asking for this feedback, as it is extremely valuable and will help you improve your speaking skills.

Practising public speaking can do more than improve your speaking skills. It can, in fact, transform how you communicate with others and elevate your personal communication skills to a new level.

Enhanced communication skills will do more than just impress — they will help you land the job you want.