1. Nursing home/child-care workers
According to health.com, nearly 11 per cent of those people working in this field report a bout of major depression.

2. Food service staff
A combination of low pay and exhausting jobs make this the no. 2 career that can cause depression.

3. Social workers
Dealing with every imaginable crisis can make this a very demanding, stressful job.

4. Health care workers
Doctors, nurses, therapists are included in this group of people whose jobs entail erratic, long hours where lives are literally in their hands.

5. Artists, entertainers, and writers
The combination of irregular paychecks, uncertain hours, isolation, combined with their lifestyle may contribute to their depression. According to the website, creative people may also have higher rates of mood disorders.

6. Teachers
Teachers get all sorts of demands from all sorts of people - from their students, parents to the schools themselves, plus they take home their work most of the time.

7. Administrative support staff
Unpredictable days plus taking orders from all directions while they hold very little control may be the cause for depression for people who hold these jobs.

8. Maintenance and grounds workers
Frequent night shifts, irregular hours, and being called on when something goes wrong to clean up other people's messes make this a tough job.

9. Financial advisors and accountants

Being responsible for handling other people's money and bearing the guilt if their clients start losing money can make them depressed.

10. Salespeople
Long hours, coupled with uncertainty of income due to working for commissions may cause depression.