In any job that we land, you are more likely to be successful and happy in your job if you and your job are a match. That is, if your skills and abilities match the requirements of your job.

If you happen to have good social skills, perhaps the jobs below may be right for you:

1. Marketing Managers

2. Lawyers

3. Sales Managers

4. Managers (all Other)

5. General and Operations Managers

6. Education Administrators (Elementary and Secondary School)

7. Physician Assistants

8. Construction Managers

9. Administrative Services Managers

10. Physical Therapists

11. Sales Representatives of Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products

12. Occupational Therapists

13. Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents

14. Detectives and Criminal Investigators

15. Dental Hygienists

16. Registered Nurses

17. Instructional Coordinators

18. Compliance Officers

19. Supervisors of Construction and Extraction Workers

20. Social and Community Service Managers

According to jobs expert Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., who wrote "150 Best Jobs for Your Skills", this skill is ranked first among skills that are in high demand, reported

Having this skill means you are good at working with others, empathising, instructing others, or persuading them to agree with you.

Using data from the US Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network (O*NET), Shatkin extracted this list of jobs - which skills such as negotiation, persuasion and social perceptiveness - where 'people persons' can make the most money.

Highly noticeable in this list is the presence of managerial job functions in different iterations, mostly because those in this position have to work with people on a daily basis.

Being a people person won't just make you good at the job; it might also help you bag that position. After all, a good resume is nothing if you can't convince your employers, possibly even charm them, to give you the job.