SINGAPORE will next month get its first insight into how effectively people engage with one another within their companies, on a national level.

Since last Wednesday, three companies have been conducting a nationwide survey - the first of its kind in Singapore - about aspects of companies' organisational effectiveness.

The organisers are training and consultancy provider Human Capital Singapore, business performance coaching firm Thought Perfect and assessment and development programme provider Genos International.

The survey includes questions about decision-making, teamwork and work conditions in the respondents' companies. The results will be analysed next month for a general look at organisational effectiveness in our workforce.

Depending on the number of responses they get, they will also be able to churn out data on an industry and individual company level.

These will be collated in a report and presented at the end of next month at the Human Capital Connection corporate event.

Industry leaders and decision-makers from the public and private sectors, totalling about 100 to 150, will be in attendance.

The survey is open to all personnel in any company here.

Human Capital chief executive Ho Geok Choo said: 'Through this survey, chief executives and human resource practitioners can get a snapshot of the effectiveness and engagement level of human capital in various industries. This will also provide them with a benchmark to compare their own performance on an annual basis.'

The organisers are reaching out to 12,000 respondents with the help of their partners - industry associations like the Singapore Manufacturers' Federation and the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The volume of responses thus far has been 'very encouraging', Madam Ho said. But she added: 'The results of the survey will only be as good as the number of responses we receive.'

Mr Pratap Nambiar, chairman of Thought Perfect, said: 'We would like to urge all chief executives and human resource heads to encourage their colleagues to participate.'

The survey closes on April 30.

Those interested can participate online at welcome/id/KRMfYEBq