Most people at one time or another will inevitably complain about their jobs - unless they happen to hold one of the ten happiest jobs, perhaps.

For some, however, job dissatisfaction may be more chronic than most.

A recent survey conducted by jobs site CareerBliss has established 2011's most hated jobs.

Interestingly enough, most of these jobs are not low level jobs. Even nurses, who normally complain about their long hours, don't even make it to the list.

Take a look below to find out which jobs rated the highest in terms of dissatisfaction.

#10 Marketing manager
Apart from coordinating their company’s market research, sales, pricing and product development, marketing managers also develop marketing, advertising and public relations strategies.

Respondents most often cited a lack of direction as the primary reason for job dissatisfaction.

#9 CNC Machinist
Machinists, as the word implies, use machine tools to create metal parts. CNC machinists use tools that are "computer numerically controlled" - or CNC.

Because the computer is now the one controlling the lathe or the mill, their job now involves little more than pushing buttons and performing equipment inspections. As it's a specialised skill, the job offers no room for advancement.

#8 Technical supports analyst
In a nutshell, technical support analysts help people troubleshoot their computer problems - which could involve giving non-technical people technical advice. This could mean travelling at a moment's notice even on holidays and weekends.

As one respondent said, "You can do better, really."

#7 Law clerk
While being a law clerk, which involves assisting judges as they write opinions, is one of the most highly sought-after positions in the legal profession, it also registered as one of the most hated jobs.

Some of those who complained said the hours are long and grueling, while being subject to the whims of some mercurial personalities.

#6 Electronics technician
Their job, which runs a gamut of sectors, involves maintaining, troubleshooting and collecting monthly measurement data for electronic systems.
They complain that there's no real opportunity for growth, lack of control in how things are done, lack of accomplishment, mutual hostility among peers, as well as an unsatisfactory work schedule.

#5 Technical specialist
A technical specialist "leads the analysis, definition, design, construction, testing, installation, and modification of medium to large infrastructures," according to CareerBliss.
They reported that despite their expertise, they are treated with a "palpable lack of disrespect" and felt their "input was not taken seriously".

#4 Senior web developer
Senior web developers - who are expected to be fluent in client-side and server-side contexts and know their way around various programming languages and technology - design, maintain, and develop applications for the Internet for their company.
Most of their complaints are due to the perception that employers are "unable to communicate coherently", and also lack understanding of the technology.

#3 Product manager
Depending on the company and sector, a product manager can have a diverse role ranging from just evaluating products that will suit a company's business model to marketing, scheduling, and managing resources.
According to the survey, a respondent complained of the restricted job growth while another said the work is "boring", with a lot of clerical work at his level.

#2 Director of Sales & Marketing
According to job website, marketing directors are in charge of a company’s marketing efforts and strategies. Ultimately, they seek to find the market segment that would buy their organisation's products or services, as well as how to present those products to their target market.
Most of those who responded negatively to this survey said the main sources of their ire is a "lack of direction from upper management and an absence of room for growth".

#1 Director of Information Technology
This job entails establishing, planning and administering the overall policies and goals for the information technology department.
According to CareerBliss, despite the good pay and the huge influence the IT director has over a company (said to be as much as that of the CEO), they reported the highest level of dissatisfaction, which one person succinctly attributed to "nepotism, cronyism, disrespect for workers".