Not everyone can say they love their job.

Luckily for people who have these ten jobs, they may feel more job satisfaction than most. According to a General Social Survey by the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago, these jobs are the ten happiest jobs.

#10 Operating engineers
They get to play with giant toys, from bulldozers to cranes, scrapers, derricks and large air pumps. Sounds like a little boy's dream come true.

#9 Financial service sales agents
Huge salary, cushy office, plus a reasonable work week - what's not to like about that?

#8 Psychologist
Despite listening to people tell them about their problems all day, psychologists still made the list.

#7 Artist
Sculptors and painters registered high levels of job satisfaction. It seems that following your passion and turning it into your work may be a good reason to be happy.

#6 Teacher
They are reportedly very happy with their jobs. Could it be the good pay and the vacation time?

#5 Special education teachers
For some, the satisfaction they derive from helping others makes this job happier than most.

#4 Author
Being an author, writing down what you think or create, plus the fact that it can be quite lucrative if you're very good, makes them quite happy.

#3 Physical therapist
Helping people recover plus the joy of social interaction apparently makes physical therapists quite happy at what they do.

#2 Firefighter
Eighty per cent of firefighters said they are happy with their jobs.

#1 Clergy
Experts say that social interaction drives job satisfaction, and with members of the clergy doing a lot of that, it makes sense that their job registers the highest on the survey. Surely, working towards their strong faith and beliefs does not hurt their happiness level either.