With the economy being as uncertain as it is, how do you optimise your sales and marketing performance during tough times? What about selling your product without telling people that you are, in fact, selling it to them? Do you know what makes your customers tick?

On the 19 April 2012, 15 professionals had the opportunity to attend a seminar organised by STJobs entitled “Be a Sales and Marketing Champion!” The one-day programme provided participants with answers to several burning questions they had including the ones aforementioned.

“It is not just about growing sales to match the nation’s economic growth,” established Mark Laudi, the first of four speakers that day. “The real challenge is to have sales growth exceed economic growth.”

The seminar also featured trainers Rob Salisbury, Daniel Theyagu and Henry Toi who each shared their expertise in the area of sales and marketing.

In his segment of the seminar titled “Becoming CEO of You Pte Ltd”, esteemed trainer Rob Salisbury highlighted the importance of enthusiasm: “We all know what CEO stands for, but how does Chief Enthusiasm Officer sound?”

“A lot of people know what to do at work but the real tragedy is that when they get the experience, they lose the drive, the passion and the enthusiasm,” Rob adds. “The first step to success is to regain that intense curiosity to improve.”

The importance of enthusiasm was later echoed by Daniel Theyagu who introduced the acronym DICE, which represents Discipline, Integrity, Consistency and Enthusiasm. 

“Enthusiasm ignites greatness,” he said. 

Wendy, Assistant Marketing Manager of PT. Petrus Indonesia, had nothing but praises for the programme. 

“The speakers were very engaging. After attending the programme, I now feel more enthusiastic about what the future has in store for my career and what I can do for my company.” 

Other participants like Jacqueline Tan from Nothing But Green could not agree more.

“You gain a deeper understanding on how to foster better relationships with your clients as well as ideas on how to market yourself and your brand, which is of great importance to companies in tough times.” 

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