Are you having trouble communicating with colleagues of a different generation? How should one relate to, motivate and increase the productivity of Gen Y workers?

On 20 April 2012, the concerns of 22 participants were addressed in a workshop organised by STJobs entitled “Getting Gen Y into Gear for Work Performance”. The one-day programme aimed to help professionals identify the styles of management they could employ when handling “new age” employees.

To start the day, Corporate Trainer Maler Vilee had the participants share their concerns with the group.

“Some of our younger colleagues are not as hungry for experience as their foreign counterparts. The sense of loyalty and apprenticeship is not always there and that is a concern for us,” commented Roy Sim, Manager of Kimage Group Singapore.

“Things have changed. We are dealing with a multi-generation workforce here,” explained Vilee. “We need to find ways to maximise our Gen Y colleagues' potential and relieve any inter-generation tension at the workplace.” 

When asked what she felt was the biggest obstacle people faced in dealing with Gen Y co-workers, Vilee answered: “It is the overcoming of misconceptions they have about the Gen Y-ers, as well as the imposition of their own generations’ values on the younger counterparts.”

Oon Yee Hon, a participant from Business China Singapore had nothing but praises for the programme. “I came to the workshop wanting to know how I can work, motivate and understand the Gen Ys and I learnt just that.”

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