The recent market upheaval has left some employees feeling weary and ready for change. Conversely, for others, the uncertain conditions have resulted in greater employee loyalty, which for many is driven by a fear of change.

With unemployment in Singapore continuing to remain at a level that can be considered as full employment, it is a candidate-driven market characterised by critical skill shortages across many sectors.

To drive workforce productivity and growth, employers need to build up their brand equity to attract the more passive jobseekers.

As an employer of choice, it is important for you to create a brand that is highly visible and that connects with talent, especially where skill shortages exist. You must understand what people value and what motivates their career choices.

The 2011/12 Randstad World of Work Report indicated that employees are attracted to organisations with inspirational leadership (54 per cent), a strong workplace culture (45 per cent) and a strong corporate reputation (41 per cent).

If you can successfully define your employer brand to engage with in-demand candidates, they will choose to work for you for their own career development and advancement, and for the opportunity to be part of an organisation that truly cares for and supports the aspirations of their most important asset, their people.

As your business evolves, so does your employer brand. Employers need to be aware that this evolution is as essential as their constantly developing business culture and goals.

Improve performance

A good employer brand is about making concerted efforts to unify employees and improve performance. To gain competitive advantage, companies should focus on talent management and organisational effectiveness by implementing business improvement and innovation programmes.

Employees need to understand their role in creating and sustaining profitable growth, and how they have individually contributed to achieving organisational goals.

Over the last few years, advancements in technology and social media have changed the rules of engagement.

Proactively using social media channels to create conversations and relationships can increase your employee commitment and strengthen your relationship with potential talent.

By leveraging your employer brand, you have the ability to successfully attract and retain the best talent. Creating brand ambassadors that spread the word and refer your organisation will increase your overall attractiveness as an employer of choice.

Employee engagement is about translating an employee’s potential into strong performance. When companies align their external brand positioning with their internal employer brand positioning, it strengthens and affirms the company’s overall branding in the eye of the public, including potential top talent.

In a time when companies are expected to do more with less, creating a strong employer branding will help sell the company effectively.

If organisations can succeed in getting employer branding right, they will succeed as an organisation. The reason is, a strong employer brand will attract the right people who will help drive the organisation’s objective and shared vision.

The world’s most coveted employers understand why people love working for them, and they continue to improve and promote those benefits, in much the same way any successful brand promotes the key selling points that set them apart.

Employers who think about attracting great talent in the same way they think about attracting great customers will always be one step ahead in the new world of work.