As industries change, so do our jobs.

Being in a glamorous industry one year can mean you're down in the dumps the next. 

Online job portal CareerCast has come up with a list of 10 worst jobs of 2012, and there are some pretty surprising new entrants on the list.

CareerCast conducted a survey based on work environment, stress, physical demands and hiring outlook and ranked 200 jobs accordingly.

So, if you hate your job and think it's bad, then thank your lucky stars because there are worse jobs out there with more stress and lousier working environments.

Find out which are the 10 worst jobs of 2012 below. Quoted figures are salaries in the US.

No.10 Broadcaster
Salary: US$27,324 (S$34,455.56)
Here's a new one for the list.
Broadcasters may have once been seen as glamorous, but high stress levels and tight deadlines is making it one of the worst jobs in the world. Online news sites are also ramping up the competition, with audiences turning to them for a quick and speedy news fix.

No.9 Butcher
Salary: US$29,156 (S$36765.72)
Fancy spending your time in bloody and grimy conditions? Hacking meat apart and preparing them for sale to customers, supermarkets and restaurants ranks among the second worst job in the world.

No.8 Dishwasher
Salary: US$18,044 (S$22,753.48)
Staying put in the kitchen and scrubbing away at pots and pans really doesn't sound like fun. And it really isn't.
Dishwashers earn the lowest salaries among the worst jobs.


No.7 Meter reader
Salary: $35,171 (S$44,350.63)
Walking along corridors, peering at small displays and almost intruding into the privacy of people's homes doesn't sound like fun.

No.6 Waiter/waitress
Salary: $18,088 (S$22,808.97)
Interacting with guests, serving them food and making them happy may not necessarily mean the same for yourself.
Taking home only $18,088 (S$22,808), one of the lowest salaries in the list, may have contributed to this.

No.5 Newspaper reporter
Salary: $35,275 (S$44,481.78)
Reporting on newsworthy events sounds fun, but digital media may have impacted the frontline beat reporter's job.
Tight deadlines, long, irregular hours and low income levels have made the newspaper reporter job a new entrant on the "Wost Jobs" list.

No.4 Oil rig worker
Salary: US$32,132 (S$40,518.45)
Working near combustible fuel may offer a relatively comfortable salary, but the dangers are always present.
Oil rigs have been known to explode or burn after accidents or human errors.

No.3 Soldier
Salary: US$36,261 (S$45,725.12)
Fighting for one's country may appeal to young men, but it ranks high among the worst jobs in the world.
Occupational hazards such as incoming bullets, land mines and hostile opponents make it the third worst job.

No.2 Dairy farmer
Salary: US$33,119 (S$41,763.06)
Being around animals all the time may not be as fun as you think.
Raising cattle for milk production ranks as the second worst job in the world.

No.1 Lumberjack
Salary: US$32,114 (S$40,495.75)
Timber harvesting takes the top spot for being the worst job in the world.
Not only is it physically dangerous, it's also strenuous and lumberjacks work in the heat of the day and in the cold of the night.
Furthermore, unemployment is high and demand for their services is expected to drop.

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