“Always ask for a volunteer, not a victim!” is Tom Abbott’s witty lure to get participants to present their favourite sales story at a workshop organised by STJobs on May 11, 2012. 

10 sales managers and executives, from industries as diverse as publishing and online gaming, drew inspiration from each other’s experiences and exchanged valuable tips on successful organisational change. 

The intimately-arranged small group setting created ample opportunity for interaction and networking. Abbott was able, as many participants pointed out, to enlighten them on thorny sales management issues like establishing trust, coaching presence and direct communication.

Abbott, who is the Founder and Director of Soho Sales Coaching as well as a regular contributor of sales articles to local newspapers and magazines, received praise for his straightforward delivery that veered away from mere regurgitation to collaborative introspection, an approach which made participants reflect on their past successes in order to turn achievement into motivation. 

The workshop struck a chord with Constant Chiew, Senior Marketing Manager of Asiasoft, who believed that a productive sales team is not led by “a manager with a rod” but someone who is able to empathise and empower his staff, especially when morale is dangerously low.

It was clear that Thomas Chen, Division Sales Manager of TME Systems, left the workshop enriched and motivated when he pledged not only to recommend it to his colleagues, but to “tell (his) boss to come!”

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