If you're sick and tired of a job where you have to wear formal work attire and stick to tight schedules, here are 10 jobs where you can work from home in your pyjamas or jet-set around the world tasting food and wine.

Some of these jobs even pay you to sleep while pampering you at the same time, or check out hotels and make use of their full range of services.

Check out below to find out which are the top 10 jobs for lazy people.


1. Celebrity blogger
Chasing down the latest gossip on celebrities and catching them at their worst. What's not to like?
At night, hit the clubs with a camera and snap pictures of them doing questionable things.
You don't have to wear formal office attire, you can work in pyjamas and all you need is a laptop.
With so many fun-loving celebrities around, there'll be surely a bit of juicy gossip everyday for you to put up everyday.
There are many willing contributors out there too.

2. Sound effect artist
Play around with tools, wood or other items to produce cool sound effects.
Other than traditional music instruments, you'll get to play with cutting edge digital technology too.

3. Sleep study participant
Get paid for sleeping?
Sounds like the best job in the world.
While researchers may be monitoring your physiological signs, some studies pamper participants with scented beds and other sleep therapy items to ensure they get a real rest.

4. Beer / chocolate taster
Going around the world and drinking local beer is probably any man's dream.
You get paid to jet-set and get drunk in return for providing feedback to beer manufacturers.
Tasting chocolates for a living also sounds like a dream.

5. Secret shopper
Simply put, a secret shopper gets paid for shopping and testing out customer services at retail and service outlets while concealing their identity i.e. pretending to be a normal shopper.
Some secret shoppers are professional e.g. they do it for a living.
The part-time ones may not get paid a salary, but they get to keep the purchases they've made while working.

6. Video game tester
Video game testers get paid for testing out video games and trying to find errors in game play.
They also help to ensure that game play is logical and forward-moving.

7. Actor
Actors who play corpses or are film set extras, that is.
They get paid for lying still on the ground pretending to be dead.
The heavy lifting is done by the A-listers, who, of course, get paid big the bucks.
Playing film set extras are also relatively easy.
They tend not to have scripts; they walk around in the background to create a sense of authenticity.

8. Mime
All you need is rubbery expressions and a funny face.
No speech is required.
While it helps to be able to convey what your actions mean, audience are generally entertained even if they don't understand what the mime is doing.

9. Freelancer
Regardless which industry you're in, freelancing means no fixed work location or attire.
This means you get to choose which projects you want to handle and which ones you don't.
You can also choose to work for as much as you, as long as you're satisfied with your income level.

10. Hotel sleep tester
This is abit like working as a secret shopper, but better.
Not only do you get to try out services and products in the tourism sector, you get the full range of services such as sleeping in.
However, the reports that you submit tend to be more exhaustive than the secret shopper's.