Success in sales requires discovering the top three ways of consistently reaching a large number of your ideal target customers.

Why three ways?

Well, to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket with just one way and to avoid spreading yourself too thin in time and money with more than three ways.

Sticking to your top three ways of consistently reaching a large number of your ideal target customers is manageable and will keep you focused.

Why the word “consistently”?

Because anything other than being consistent does not work.

If you are thinking that you can hit the jackpot with a one-off advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, you need to think again. Spending thousands of dollars on that type of strategy will almost guarantee you a negative return on your investment.

And there is nothing less effective than attending a networking event, making some good contacts and not returning the following month and the month after that.

Your audience needs to see you as consistent and credible before it can trust your message.

Why the words “large number”?

Because you will need to reach lots of prospects to achieve your income goals and make the best use of your time.

Consider using Facebook and publishing a blog or an online newsletter as ways of reaching a large number of customers.

Measuring results

With the top three things you are doing to reach your ideal target customers, be sure to measure the results.

Keep track of how many e-mail messages you sent last week.

Look at how many appointments you scheduled compared with how many prospecting e-mail messages you sent.

Look at the number of appointments made divided by the number of sales made.

Look at the number of e-mail messages sent and the amount of time it took you to send them.

Look at the dollar amount in sales divided by the number of hours it took to send those e-mail messages.

Measure your results every step of the way.

The same can be done with search engine marketing.

Look at how many hits you are getting on your website.

Compare that with how many inquiries you are getting. Compare that with how many presentations you are delivering. Compare that with how many sales you are making.

By making these comparisons, you can see which are the most effective ways of getting customers.

What should you be doing more of? What should you be doing less of?

Look at the return on investment for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest.

Evaluate how worthwhile the impressions that you made were.

How many times did you gain exposure? How much did each form of exposure cost you in terms of money and time?

How many inquiries did you get as a result? How many presentations came out of those inquiries? How many sales came from those presentations?

Tracking allows you to measure the effectiveness of each of your prospecting activities.

Use tools like Google Insights and Google Analytics to get a deeper understanding of what your target customers are searching for (pay particular attention to the keywords they use for finding solution providers in your field online) and how they are behaving on your website.

Make sure you can be found when they are looking for you.

There is no shortage of things that you can do to get in front of your ideal target customers. You just need to make a commitment to go after that group 100 per cent using your top three ways of reaching them.




Cold calling

Cold e-mailing

Local radio

Internet radio

Networking events

Social media networking

Newspaper articles

Website articles


Online reviews and recommendations

Print advertising

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Print directories

Online directories

Printed newsletter

E-mail marketing programmes




Video-sharing websites

Trade shows

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

There are many offline and online ways for you to reach your ideal target customers.