In a workshop organised by STJobs on 31 May 2012, 21 professionals from industries as diverse as healthcare, IT and automobile maintenance received valuable tips on the art of Buzan mind mapping, a globally-renowned technique on utilising relationship lines, branches and images to identify and present key ideas in non-linear, associative and divergent forms.

Thum, who has experience in both banking and legal sectors, is a Buzan Licensed Instructor and the artist behind the world’s largest mind map. His hands-on approach saw participants sketching out their career, family and personal goals before engaging in a heated and lively brainstorming session.

The imparting of this highly sought-after and treasured skill was enough to attract undergraduates fazed with copious amounts of information and an eager parent who wishes to teach it to his son, now less than a year old, when the time is ripe.

The biggest takeaway for Philip Goh, Middle Office Supervisor of SMPT Pte Ltd, was a thorough understanding of “how effective images are in communication”. Adeline Oon, a registered nurse and avid reader of Buzan’s books, praised Thum for his “amicable and generous” delivery that elucidated tenuous concepts she learnt but had yet to put into practice.

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