SOME people say: “Oh, I can’t exercise. I don’t have time. I’m stuck at the office most of the day.”

Sorry, even at the office, exercise is possible. Remember, zero exercise is bad, and a little is better than none.

Exercise all you can. There are several ways you can get moving during your workday:

1. Alight a little farther away

Whether you are taking the bus or train or car for your morning commute, alight or park a little farther away than you actually need to. Do the same thing when you go to appointments, the bank or the post office. Steps add up and pounds go down.

2. Get a headset or use your cellphone

Stand, walk or move while you talk on the phone — and burn some calories.

3. Have meetings on the run

Discuss business during an afternoon walk or jog. You will bond with your client or colleague and you will both be healthier.

4. Use the stairs instead of the elevator

If the stairs are too much for you, then try a combination of stairs and elevator.

5. Get an exercise machine

You can use a stepper at your desk — it will not take up much space — while you are on the phone. Just a dozen repetitions a couple of times a day can help your thighs and your lower back. Buy a machine that will let you do upper body exercises as well.

6. Get up and walk to deliver a message or document

Some people will phone or e-mail rather than walk down the hall.

7. Take a break each hour to stand, stretch and walk around

One of the best ways to exercise is just to turn the radio on and move to the music. You do not have to work up a sweat, just move — it does not even have to be in time to the music. The point is to get your joints and muscles into the action.

One morning, during a stay in a hotel, I was watching the MTV channel and started moving to the music. I got quite a workout in just a couple of minutes.

If you don’t want someone looking oddly at you while you perform some crazy office exercises, try breathing deeply to de-stress.

This can be done while sitting at your desk. Breathe deeply, relax with some music, and enjoy. You can also borrow some movements from yoga, for example.

8. Join a gym

If your office is near a gym or exercise facility, consider signing up as a member. Always keep with you a change of clothes and towels.

9. Schedule activity time

Make “appointments” with yourself to walk around the block or up two flights of stairs. This will give your brain a chance to think as you walk.

10. Tell your boss what you are doing

Don’t just disappear to exercise. You boss should be in favour of your activities, since you will have more energy when you start exercising more.

Exercise and movement is not only good for the heart, but also good for your bones and joints.

Healthy bones become stronger when you put pressure on them. Joints that do not move very often can become joints that do not want to move at all. Exercise can reduce weight and it works even better with a healthy diet.