The challenge for most companies today — especially those in the service industry — is keeping their customers happy and satisfied. If they do not take care of them, the competition will.

So, how do companies keep their customers coming back? They must strive to achieve multiple “A” qualities that translate into excellent customer service.

As Walt Disney put it: “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

Below is an “A-list” that service providers can focus on to enhance their customer loyalty and retention:


Set the bar high when it comes to serving customers. Treat them as if you were attending to your very own loved ones. They will feel your sincerity and respond positively to it.


Service professionals must look well-groomed and behave professionally. A pleasant disposition is always an advantage in the service industry and attracts customers.


Do you have the right service attitude? British statesman Winston Churchill said: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

If you welcome your customers with a smile, act courteously, show them respect, attend to what they need and go the extra mile to solve their problems, you are approaching customer service with the right attitude.

You build rapport with the customers and make them more receptive to buying your products and services in the future.


When a customer is unhappy, acknowledge his immediate concerns.

You can say: “I can hear how upset you are about this” or “I can understand why you are feeling the way you do”.


Think of solutions to your customer’s challenges — even before he asks for them! That is why you have to really know your customers well.

By anticipating their needs, you not only solve their immediate problems but make them feel important as well. 

Active listening

Nature has blessed us with two ears and one mouth, so sometimes we have to listen more and speak less.

Build up your customers’ trust in you by actively listening to their concerns and attending to their needs.


As a service provider, it is essential to have sound knowledge of your product or service, your organisation, the industry, your partners, your distributors, your competition and your customer’s needs.

Your customers expect you to give them the correct information to help them make the right decision, whether it is for their personal or business needs. Focus on exceeding your customer’s expectations and they will give you their loyalty.


Be there for your customers. If there is a complaint or negative feedback, never skirt the issue. Take personal responsibility for the problem and do your best to solve it. Customers feel more assured when they can connect personally with service staff.


Spend some time building up good relationships with your fellow workers, supervisors, suppliers and business partners. Getting great support from your internal customers and business partners will help you enhance the service you offer to your external customers. Your allies are the go-to people who will help you solve your customers’ problems.

This suggested A-list will enhance your service experience and encourage customer loyalty, and there are other qualities you can add to keep your customers happy. What is your A-list going to be?