Platform: Apple App Store

Price: Free

Job hunting just got a lot easier.

Download the STJobs app and you can easily scan for job vacancies and get in touch with prospective employers.

Developed by Singapore Press Holdings, the app is an extension of, which offers a listing of more than 25,000 jobs.

The app is linked to the same account you use to access the website, but you do not have to log into the app to view jobs. However, you will need an STJobs account to send in a job application via the app or website.

In the app's Search field, you can type in keywords and specific job functions to filter what is available.

Use the advanced search option for a more precise search to find job titles which match the keywords, or look specifically for jobs posted by date, for example, today or within the last seven or 30 days.

Not keen on scanning a long list? Click on the Hot Jobs button to find popular jobs. Jobseekers in search of temporary positions can click on the Temp/Part-Time button.

But if you have more time for a detailed job hunt, hit the Browse tab and search the listings by function, industry and level. Here you can read about a job's scope and the areas of expertise required.

There is also a section for fresh graduates.

Jobs which have been viewed will be tagged in a lighter shade of blue. To revisit a listing, go to My Account and select Recently-Viewed Jobs.

Every job comes with overview and description tabs. Overview information includes the employer's name, industry, job function and pre-requisites. For more details, click on the description tab.

If you think you have found a good match, click on the Apply button, which will take you to a page where you can submit a resume and cover letter. Both need to be uploaded to before they can be sent via the app.

If you need tips to make your resume more appealing, check out Job Tips for a list of articles from The Straits Times, The Business Times and other SPH publications.

Some articles offer useful interview tips for employees. Employers can also learn a thing or two from training and development stories, such as how to manage conflict in work places

A Google Android version of the app is in the works.

Developed by: Singapore Press Holdings

Other apps: You can also catch up on the latest news on your iPad or iPhone with The Straits Times app.