What are some of your experiences with service breakdowns? Was it always a case of mismanaged expectations or over-inflated egos? Does the age-old adage ‘The Customer is Always Right’ still hold?

Participants of a workshop organised by STJobs in June entitled “Transforming Service Breakdown to Opportunities” attained enlightenment on a sticky situation organisations face – satisfying customers and handling complaints. Leading the group was Mr Louie Tai, who has 14 years of experience in training facilitation and consulting customer service interventions.

“Service breakdowns occur when there is a gap between customer satisfaction and service delivered. That gap can never be omitted and thinking that service breakdowns will never occur is a dangerous thought. What organisations can do is to acknowledge and try to minimise that gap,” established Tai.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about perspectives,” he continued. “Some organisations think they are always right and some customers do not get what they think they signed up for. Expectations get mismanaged.”

The session proved to be beneficial to participants like Mr Per Poh Soon from Premier Six Pte Ltd who was exceptionally pleased with what he learnt. “Tai was able to provide valuable insights to the various situations brought up during the workshop,” he said. “There was also a lot of interaction and engagement which made learning more effective.”

So back to the question of the age-old adage ‘The Customer is Always Right’. Does it still hold in today’s business environment? Not quite, says Tai. But that does not mean organisations are free from fault too. After all, it does take two hands to clap.

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