Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y – which generation do you belong to? Here’s a quick guide:

Baby boomers

Generation X

Generation Y

Born 1946-1964

Born 1965-1980

Born 1981-1995

  • Worked in organisation for past 20-40 years
  • Known as ‘old timers’/ ‘old birds’
  • In 30s or 40s
  • Working hard to provide for young families
  • Practical
  • Young, impulsive
  • Tech-savvy
  • Limited family obligations
  • Sheltered

Most managers or supervisors often have little to complain about baby boomers, as they are known to be the most hardworking generation of the lot, since they have been accustomed to tough times following World War II.

“No matter how sick he is, as long as a baby boomer can still walk or even crawl, he will show up for work,” was a tongue-in-cheek comment overheard at a workshop held by STJobs on 2 July 2012. The workshop, Supervising & Motivating Gen X & Gen Y Staff, aimed to give participants a better insight on how to foster good relationships between the different generations at the workplace.

Ken Wong, a certified management consultant with more than 16 years of corporate training, speaking and business development experience, said, “In this day where ‘helicopter parents’ hover over their children to make sure that all their needs and wants are met, it is no surprise that Gen Y staff tend to be ‘sheltered’ and have very different ideologies from the Gen X or baby boomers groups. Thus, today’s supervisors must be flexible and know how to adjust their management styles in order to be an effective leader.”

25-year-old Yau See Pei can attest to that. The account executive from Pioneer Training Centre Pte Ltd said, “Being a Gen Y staff, my mindset is very different from the other generations – I am more opinionated and willing to voice out what’s on my mind. This workshop is useful in helping me understand and build better working relationships with colleagues from different generations.”

Through role plays and group discussions during the one-day workshop, participants learnt how to identify and bank in on the strengths of the different generations, as well as how they can change their working styles to suit different situations in the office.

Ms Sandiragandi, a HR officer with MINDEF for 15 years, said, “This workshop is useful as it teaches us how everyday problems at work can be tackled differently. I will definitely recommend similar workshops by STJobs to my friends in future.”

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