"HOW in the world can I keep all these ever-increasing plates in the air?"

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Running a business efficiently and giving your clients excellent service can be very demanding.

Letting one of the plates fall can tarnish your reputation, and it is difficult to restore your credibility.

Women in any profession, more than their male counterparts, have to prove themselves constantly to be successful.

This is particularly true in the male-dominated financial services industry. Establishing credibility and keeping it strong is especially important for a woman's financial services practice.

Add to that the reality that women often have more life responsibilities than men.

Not only are they focused on their business and clients, but women are also the ones who typically have the major responsibility for nurturing their household, the children, her parents and even her spouse's parents.

And when the man in the house does take over a lot of the family needs, the woman often feel stressed about not being able to do more.

The society has instilled in people's minds that women are the ones who are supposed to be nurturing the family.

Nevertheless, women are doing very well in the financial services industry, particularly with the growing number of female investors. Women want and deserve the same respect as men in this industry.

The financial power of women is considerable and is growing rapidly.

In the United States, women control 51 per cent of the private wealth. These women are looking for advisers they can trust, and they often turn to women.

But as a working woman, what happens when an unexpected life challenge comes along for you and there are even more demanding circumstances?

Is it possible for you to maintain credibility as being reliably productive?

How do you show your clients and business associates that you are still performing well?

Here are some tips:

* It is important to be proactive in communicating often with your clients to reassure them that you are attending to their investments. Don't wait until questions arise as to whether you are keeping up.

* Always maintain dialogue with co-workers and management so that they know how you are doing. This will reassure them that even though you may have adjusted your office work hours, you are still handling your responsibilities as always. And, if you need their support, having that close connection will make it easier to ask them for what you need.

* For your own focus, keep your business goals in mind. Be clear in establishing your short- and long-term objectives.

* Commit to following a daily plan, even with all the distractions going on, so that you know you are moving forward towards meeting those goals. Feeling that sense of accomplishment will help you maintain confidence and enthusiasm for your work even when other parts of your life may be discouraging.

* Do what you can to keep yourself physically strong and emotionally sound. Take time to eat nourishing meals and exercise regularly. Get as much sleep as you can. Give yourself breaks so that you can catch your breath. Even a few minutes at a time throughout the day can help.

* Connect with others who may be experiencing similar challenges. Just talking over the situation can be supportive. Somehow, knowing that you are not the only one who is walking this rocky path can help you get through the rough spots to smoother ground.

Yes, women, you do often get the bulk of the family caretaking on your shoulders.

With some strong strategies for efficiency in your business and attention to your self-care, you can maintain that exuberant productivity and achieve that healthy bottom line - in all aspects of your life!