Here are some tips on how to conduct yourself on the day of the interview.

Be confident

It is hard to tell what to expect behind that entrance door. It could be a busy office with many people, or a very quiet office where everyone looks up when you enter the door.

Walk with a confident stride and a smile. Be nice to everyone, not just the interviewer. Do not touch anything in the interviewer's office or in the open reception area. Just sit quietly and wait.

If you are concerned about a long wait, bring along a book to read. Some employers may make you wait on purpose to see how you react to those around you and if you get impatient. Sometimes you may have to wait because they may have a problem to solve. Remember that they do not interview people for a living, they have business to conduct as usual.

Filling forms

Some employers may want you to fill in a form before the interview. Do not attach the resumé and write, "refer to resumé" on the form. If they wanted a resumé, they would have asked you for it. If they want you to fill in a form, complete it properly, include all information, and check for accuracy.

As tedious as it may be, form filling is a routine chore you have to come to terms with if you are a job seeker. Always bring your own pen that you are comfortable writing with.

Important questions

Prepare honest and persuasive answers to likely questions such as:

* Why do you want to join us?

* What can you bring to the job/company?

* Why did you leave your last job or why are you leaving your present job?

* Tell me about your last/present job?

* How will you set about tackling this job if you are successful?

* What do you think the main changes will be between your last/present job and this one?

Dos and don'ts


* Be positive. Watch your body language - for example, don't cross your arms as it gives the impression of putting up a barrier between you and the interviewer; make frequent eye contact; and sit up straight.

* Listen. Acknowledge that you understand what is being communicated to you by nodding your head or saying, "Yes, I understand".

* Reply to any questions clearly and concisely

* Make a note of points to return to

* Be courteous to everyone you meet

* Be honest.


* Interrupt

* Fidget

* Let your mind wander

* Be afraid to sell yourself

* Just answer with a yes or no - the interviewer will not be impressed.

Remember to thank the interviewer for seeing you, shake his hand firmly and confirm that you want the job.

Believe in yourself, your skills and abilities. You would not have been selected for the interview if the company did not think you could be the right person for the job.

Every interview is a learning experience and each one teaches you a little bit more about what to say and do and what to avoid. If you are unsuccessful, don't be too dismayed - there is always a next time. The better your interview technique, the more quickly you will succeed at finding a job.