WHETHER online, over the phone or in person, keeping people engaged and productive during a meeting is always the goal.

Here is a Top 10 list of “unique” meeting personalities and some tips on improving your interactions with them during meetings:

1. Multitasker

Everyone is guilty of multitasking during a meeting. Some people are better at it than others.

When asked a question, the multitasker frequently responds with: “Sorry, I missed that. Can you repeat what you said?”

The Multitasker can be harder to engage online or over the phone than in person.

It is important to keep such people engaged and call on them often. Keeping them on their toes may decrease the amount of time they spend multitasking.

2. Mobile Meeter

The Mobile Meeter thinks nothing of conducting or attending meetings in the airport lounge or in the carpool line.

There are two keys to becoming a successful Mobile Meeter:

* Having conference details handy in an Outlook Calendar so you can quick-dial into a meeting, and

* Having a clear understanding of how to self-mute background noise.

3. Disrupter

By changing the topic or taking people down a side street, the Disrupter can sometimes uncover creative ideas or new ways of doing something.

But the Disrupter can also blow up an agenda and make other meeting participants irritable and cranky.

You will be able to spot the Disrupter easily as he often ends a sentence with, “...but I digress”.

4. Overbooked

This person doesn’t know how to say “no” to a meeting invite, so he attends them all, and is late to all of them!

The Overbooked generally greets team gatherings with: “Sorry, I had a meeting that ran late...”

5. Interrupter

When a good idea comes to mind, the Interrupter can’t wait to present it to the group, and he does it...right at that moment!

This personality is not inherently bad because, hey, it is a good idea.

But proceed with caution if you are calling the meeting: Combining the Interrupter with his distant relatives, Disrupter and Long-Winded, can create meeting anarchy.

6. Socialiser

The Socialiser is always prompt, always interested in where you live, how many children you have and what the weather is like in your town.

This individual is a great asset most of the time because he establishes rapport among participants and is willing to connect and collaborate.

But beware: You may have to politely decline an invitation to view the latest photos from the Socialiser’s Halloween party.

7. Maestro

This is the consummate professional who never starts a meeting without establishing a clear agenda and proper perspective.

At the end of a meeting, he clearly recaps the discussion, outlines next steps and identifies action items.

Even when the Maestro isn’t running a meeting, his organisational command shines through. The Maestro’s smooth skills can often help manage the Disrupter.

8. Timekeeper

No matter what is happening in a meeting, the Timekeeper is aware that someone “has a hard stop” and tries to motivate the team to complete the meeting at the predicted close.

The Timekeeper doesn’t always blend well with habitual latecomers like the Overbooked.

9. Snacker

Can you hear the Snacker crunching over the phone?

Kudos to the person who will work through lunch, but mind your table manners, please. And for those noisy phone eaters, learning about mute features is a requirement.

10. Social Networker

This personality is not to be confused with the Socialiser.

The days of meeting notes are changing. Many professionals are Tweeting or Facebooking live from a meeting.

If you fall into this personality type, here’s a note to self: It is bad form to tell your social network that a meeting sucks, especially if you have added the meeting host as a friend!