How many of you remember wishing you had done or said the right things after a job interview? You may be a bundle of nerves before the interview but let it not be an excuse for losing that job to the next candidate. There are more ways than one to impress your potential employers and avoiding interview pitfalls is one of them. It is no longer just about meeting the requirements but establishing your value and convincing your potential employers with your vibrant personality, positive attitude and work ethics.

1. Do Not Come Unprepared

This is stating the obvious, really. Apart from researching on the organisation and recalling the position you have applied for months ago, consider bringing along extra copies of your resume and references. Just whip out your work portfolio and instantly notice the smile of approval. A work portfolio containing your resume, certificates and best work samples can give your interviewers insights into your skills and professional experience. Ultimately, the more you can support your accomplishments, the more credible you are.


2. Do Not Panic!

Yes, we are talking anxiety attacks, sweaty palms and clumsy behaviours. The fear of job interviews is a common source of anxiety but do not let your nerves throw you off your game! Stop rambling and choose your words wisely. Pause and think before you answer. Avoid fidgeting in your seat, playing with hair or tapping your feet incessantly.

3. Do Not Grieve about Past Working Experience

While your frustrations with past employers and colleagues may be justifiable, it is still very unprofessional and unwarranted. Your potential employers may instead regard it an incapability of handling work challenges or building positive rapport with colleagues. So hold your horses and think before you decide to rant about your unhappy past working experience at a job interview.

4. Do Not Lie or Exaggerate

Lying in your resume or exaggerating in your job interview will most often mess up your chances of snagging that ultimate job. Do not be someone you are not. Be honest yet tactful in your responses. Besides, you are aware that your potential employers can easily call up your referees or company to clarify on your work conduct and reason for leaving right?

5. Do Not Be Unresponsive or Disinterested

The job interview is also a chance for you to ask questions about the company, expectations and career prospects. This adds on to coming prepared for the interview and having a few questions ready for the hiring manager or potential bosses. Your knowledge and keen interest in the company and position will give you an edge over the other candidates, bringing you a step closer to your ultimate job.

And now to put your best foot forward and not let these avertable interview mistakes stop you from shining. Afterall, your first impression should not be your last one.