It is not uncommon for students to engage in part-time jobs to beef up their resume or earn that extra income. Most polytechnic/college students and undergraduates proactively apply for part-time jobs that meet their schedule, interests or income needs. The experiences as freelancers, temporary/contract staffs or interns can serve as important foundations for a successful career. With an early start in the working world, you get ample time to establish your interests and talents as well as to discover where grass is the greenest.


More companies are on the constant look-out for freelancers for their flexible working ethics and schedules. They are usually ready to accommodate working on project basis and for a flexible period of time. With a rising demand for freelancers, students are venturing beyond their comfort zone for multiple work opportunities and a solid work portfolio. Freelance practices, being both accommodating and independent, will allow you to experiment and experience. Should you impress or be impressed with the organisation, you can easily return upon graduation or when ready, to familiar faces and work culture.

Attachment/Internship Programmes

Internships, most sought after by many students, inevitably provide invaluable work knowledge and training. As the market become increasingly competitive, it is therefore essential to enhance your academic experience with practical skills. Selected companies affiliate with schools to better and easily connect with students looking for part-time jobs and solid work experience. These attachments or internships usually last up to six months and are conducted either during the semester or semester breaks. Depending on schools, the students’ participation may contribute to their course requirements as well. Keep in mind to request for a letter of recommendation from your superior so that you can call upon him in the future when in need of references. At the same time, he can also keep you in mind for any recruitment opportunities.

On-Campus Work/Study schemes

Schools now have a career and attachment service where interested students can apply for on-campus job positions. These part-time work/study schemes aim to equip students with necessary career skills so that they can take on a more proactive approach in managing their own careers while they are in school.

Hence, get equipped with essential academic and practical skills and be the well-rounded person employers are seeking for. Only with this and your feet on the ground, will you be on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and career fulfillment.