You may have chosen a sales career because you like to meet people, or want to earn a good income and attractive commissions.

Before you started pitching to prospects, you went for training to acquire product knowledge and selling skills to ensure that you could sell effectively. Along the way, you learnt more on the job from a senior colleague.

Since then, you have put in lots of effort and energy into prospecting and pitching, aspiring to become the top sales person in your organisation. The question is, how are you doing so far? Have you achieved the level of success that you desire?

You could be asking yourself: “Why can’t I perform well in sales even though I have learnt the necessary selling techniques?”

The answer is simple. Techniques are not all that you need to perform well. According to world number one success coach Anthony Robbins, performance is 80 per cent psychology and 20 per cent mechanics.

The selling skills and techniques that you have acquired are the mechanics. What do you need to build the psychology element? Let’s look at five mental keys to give your sales performance the breakthrough it needs:

1. Mental focus

Are you very clear about the sales performance and results that you want to achieve? How much do you want to achieve them? The stronger your clarity and desire, the stronger your mental focus will be.

When you are focused, you will direct all your resources toward your goal and be less easily distracted. With more focus and fewer distractions, your success will be more probable and accelerated.

Think about your goals for a moment. Now ask yourself, “What could distract me on this path?” Deal with those distractions and get focused!

2. Mental congruency

You consciously want to hit that sales target or even exceed it. But is that the same in your subconscious mind? Mental congruency is the alignment of your subconscious beliefs with your conscious desires.

If you have a subconscious negative belief towards sales or money, you will not be able to do sales well and earn good commissions. Our performance is always a manifestation of our beliefs.

So search deep within yourself now and ask, “Are there any beliefs that could limit my performance and results?” Your beliefs should enable your success, not disable it.

3. Mental resilience

Do you bounce back from setbacks easily? One of the most common encounters in a sales career is rejection. Strong mental resilience will enable you to continue pushing on despite the rejections.

Recall the last major setback you experienced. What was the main negative emotion you felt then? Resolve that emotion and you will reinforce your resilience.

4. Mental empowerment

Do you find your sales performance inconsistent? That is probably due to your inconsistent mental state. Professional athletes are trained to put themselves in resourceful states to enhance their performance during competitions.

Your mental state affects your performance. An empowered state, like confidence, helps you to deliver better performance than a negative state like apprehension. Put yourself in the right state to match the outcome you want.

One technique you could use is Mental Rehearsal from Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz. Close your eyes and visualise the perfect execution of your sales pitch. Try it and notice how good you feel.

5. Mental flexibility

The person with the most flexibility controls the system. A flexible sales person is able to adjust and adapt to suit almost any prospect’s preferred buying strategy. An inflexible one loses the prospect.

Are you fixed in your selling approach or flexible in your pitch? If you put aside your preferences and judgments, you will be able to score with more clients.

As the legendary martial arts actor Bruce Lee once said: “Be water, my friend”.