In this internet age where social media is prevalent, how do you decide how much information about yourself goes on the World Wide Web?

In truth, nothing on the internet is private once it has been published. Andrew Chow, a social media and public relations strategist and certified Life Coach, who led a recent STJobs workshop, can attest to that.

“No matter how privatised your account settings are for any social media platform, anything put up on the internet can be tracked; it’s just a matter of whether you have the resources and capabilities to do so,” he says.

At STJobs’ one-day workshop held on 25 July 2012, Andrew taught participants how they can use social media effectively to their advantage and ultimately as an advertising and branding platform.

“Envision yourself as a brand; what you put across via social media should be a way for you to ‘market’ yourself. Keep in mind that employers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, putting ‘It’s Monday and I am already thinking about TGIF’ as your Facebook status may not reflect very well on you. There are also potential employers who leverage on social media for recruitment,” adds Andrew.

Ms Cherh Kai Leng, a HR executive with MOE, feels that the workshop has widened her views on social media. “We often only think of utilising social media in our personal lives. However, this workshop has given my colleagues and I takeaways that we can integrate into our everyday work, such as tapping on Facebook and Twitter to engage a younger audience,” says the 25-year-old.

Her colleague, Mr Daniel Lee, agrees. “Thanks to this very informative workshop, we are now open to ideas to reach out to more potential recruits via various social media platforms,” says the MOE Recruitment Marketing executive.

If you would like to learn how to beef up your skills for the workplace, be sure to check out what STJobs has lined up in the next month!