WE ALL experience times in our lives when it seems that things are just not going the way we want. Maybe your job is giving you problems, perhaps you have financial challenges, or you are experiencing a difficult time in your marriage or other relationships.

Tough times can bring you to your knees, but they can also raise you to new heights. The important thing is to focus on making sure you get through to the other side. As Winston Churchill said: "If you're going through hell, keep going."

So here are some tips to help you navigate difficult times of transition with wisdom.

Nurture yourself

You are not feeling right emotionally or mentally. Whether you have lost a friend or a job, or are at a loose end, you will go through stages of grief and stress. Start acknowledging your stress and be kind to yourself.

Take comfort in what nourishes you - inspirational reading, music, a visit to a place of spiritual significance or a quiet caf to have a cup of tea or coffee and just watch the world go by. Talk to close friends and seek positive people who can lift your spirits. Make this fuelling process a priority every day.

Be patient

Just remember the mantra: "This too shall pass." Something will happen to change your current state of mind. It could be as simple as a smile from a stranger or as momentous as a good job offer.

Accept support

Do not deprive your friends and family of the opportunity to help you when you need it. Just remember, shared burdens foster enhanced closeness. Join a support group - this might be a prayer circle, a job-seekers meeting, or a group of people with an issue similar to yours. Knowing that you are not alone will make you feel more positive.

Stay focused on the present

Take life one day, one moment at a time. Tough times are more manageable when you pay attention to making decisions and taking actions on only the next couple of steps. Worrying about the future can sometimes dampen your confidence, leading to more stress. Concentrate your precious energy on only what is critically important right now.

Trust in your resilience

Chances are you have been through tough times before. Try to focus on the natural inner resources that helped you ride the waves the last time. It is said that a crisis brings out the worst and the best in a person. Using positive self-talk and the various coping strategies will help you weather the storm and emerge stronger and wiser.