Companies in Singapore are increasingly adopting out-of-the-box strategies in a bid to attract fresh talent as the labour market remains tight.

One latest recruitment venture which has got Singaporeans talking is a video posted on YouTube by global accounting and auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Uploaded by the company on the video-sharing website last Monday, the 71-second clip has since gone viral with more than 105,000 views.

It features the company's junior and senior accounting staff singing and dancing - rather comically with exaggerated movements - to its own version of Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen's pop hit, Call Me Maybe.

The song, with the title Join Us Surely, includes lyrics such as: "Which firm are you choosing, we are waiting for you, baby!" and "All the other firms try to chase thee, but here's our offer, so join us surely!"

In response to queries from my paper, PwC said that the video was produced in-house for a tri-university recruitment fair held at Nanyang Technological University last Thursday.

It was created by younger staff in a "tongue-in-cheek way", to dispel the perception that accountants and auditors are "a group of serious, suited-up people", said PwC.

"We wanted to show the lighter side of life at work, and that our people can let their hair down sometimes," said Mr Sam Kok Weng, a human-capital partner at PwC.

"We're both happy and surprised by the number of hits this video has received."

However, some young working adults who watched the video said that it tarnished the professional image of the prestigious firm.

Civil servant Joel Fong, 27, said: "PwC is one of the top accounting firms that graduates would naturally gravitate towards. The video comes across as lame and it certainly doesn't make me want to join the firm."

Human-resource experts said that such recruitment strategies can be risky hit-and-miss affairs and should be carefully executed.

Mr Josh Goh, assistant director of corporate services at The GMP Group, said: "The video doesn't do justice to the credibility of such a large firm like PwC... You can't say that it's meant only for fresh graduates because it uploaded it onto YouTube, where everyone else - including their clients - can see it."

But Mr Finian Toh, manager of financial-service recruitment at Robert Walters, lauded PwC's gung-ho attempt.

"It does show the company's fun-loving culture and helps PwC stand out in the minds of fresh graduates."