Transformational leaders create an enlightening vision of the future and constantly inspire their team, are highly visible, and spend a lot of time communicating. They may not necessarily lead from the front, but they tend to delegate responsibility amongst their team. This is done through inspiring and involving those they manage, and using their ability to “influence” and not “command”.

The above topic was addressed in a STJobs workshop on August 28 that was conducted by Mr Chris Fenney, who has more than 35 years of experience in training and management development.

Chris described how mobile phones in the 1980s - which were then used solely as a form of communication – have now evolved into an icon of fashion and lifestyle, as a metaphoric example of how leadership style should morph to suit modern times.

“The pace and speed of change needs a new style of leadership. A good leader takes people where they ought to go, whereas a great leader takes people where they ought to go… when they don’t want to go,” he philosophised.

During a discussion, a participant, who said that he has worked in various parts of the world, remarked that he noticed how people in Asia took a back-seat after they become managers. On the other hand, he observed that when people in Western countries became managers, they often took on a lot more work than before they were promoted.

Another participant suggested that this scenario could perhaps be attributed to the Asian manager trusting the team he was managing, and that his team members had simply grown to be more independent.

Chris took the neutral approach. “You have to learn how to delegate. But you delegate the task and not the responsibility,” he asserted.

Mr Chua Chung Kai, 47, a pastor at Covenant Evangelical Free Church, felt that the workshop was a helpful refresher for him. “In different phases of our experience, we see things differently so it’s good to be aware,” he commented.

His colleague, 48-year-old Mr Tan Kay Kiong, chimed in, “There are slight changes we can make (to our leadership style), and it is beneficial to have confirmation or verification of our status in life.”

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