STJobs’ workshop on Monday, 27 August 2012, titled Discover Your Leadership Style, addressed how existing and aspiring leaders can identify their leadership behaviours and adopt the most effective management habits. “If you cannot lead yourself, you cannot lead others,” said Niels Kemp Rasmussen, a consultant, coach and lecturer who specialises in helping clients uncover hidden potential and achieve greater results.

Essential for career and business successes, leadership abilities can be acquired and refined given the individual’s right approach and attitude. As leadership brands and values vary from one authoritative figure to another due to unique personalities and eventful circumstances, there is probably no ideal leadership behaviour.

“It will be a futile attempt for one leader to cover all leadership qualities”, established Niels. According to him, a leader may have charisma but not necessarily integrity. He can be a networker but not a listener. Although one may not have every positive attribute of a leader, he can distinguish his strengths and weaknesses in order to better lead and build interpersonal relationships.

This session has proved to be beneficial to Mr John Yee, a Senior Logistic Executive with Halcon Primo Logistics who agreed that he was now more informed about effective leadership and management.

“I now have clarity on the behaviours of people, particularly people of authority. There are multiple management levels at our workplaces and therefore, it is important to impart only good traits to your subordinates for productivity,” he said.

A lifetime discovery, one could find his leadership skills constantly evolving with different responsibilities he takes on among colleagues, family or friends.

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