Today, one can impress with his credentials and persona but still not make a good leader.  It is no longer about giving commands but rather, building interpersonal relationships with the team.

“You need to get into the hearts and minds of people”, said Daniel Theyagu, an experienced corporate trainer and seminar leader, who spearheaded a STJobs workshop entitled Consultative Leadership for Long-term Organisational Success on Monday, 27 August 2012. He believes consultative leadership has an edge over autocratic leadership for long-term organisational success.

The key is knowing when to delegate and when to empower. A good leader exercises his authority responsibly and builds up the skills of his subordinates. “Even if you are in a leadership position, you cannot shift the blame,” advised Daniel. In order to lead, you must be able to convince, communicate and listen. As you gradually eliminate this invisible social workplace barrier (or your ‘ego’), you will garner respect and attention from your subordinates for being an open yet firm superior. This makes an effective leader for long-term success, unlike the autocratic approach of conquer and command.

Mr Cher Lee, Managing Director of ETact Solutions Pte Ltd, agreed with the valuable information she learnt and understood that “successful leadership management takes time and requires planning.” She acknowledged that employees will take time to engage with one another and adapt to their colleagues’ styles. It is also this open communication and understanding that can motivate both leaders and the team to build their social and workplace skills and develop commitment to the organisation.

Ms Ong Lay Ling, Executive Director of Eurokars Group of Companies expressed that the workshop has “created awareness on the different leadership tools that are applicable and experiential at our work place”. After all, the consultative leadership approach is more practical in today’s working society and setting, as employees become increasingly involved in projects.

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