COMPLETING a training course has helped Harry's employee Mohammad Noraidhil rapidly scale the career ladder.

Mr Noraidhil, 30, was recently promoted to assistant outlet manager at The Sail @ Marina Bay branch of Harry's bar, less than two years after joining the company.

His new job position can be considered a reward for spending the best part of last year attending courses for the Singapore Workforce Development Agency's Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Certificate in Food & Beverage Service on a part-time basis.

While holding down their full-time jobs, Mr Noraidhil and his colleagues attended classes a few times a month, studying topics such as food hygiene and customer service.

"For instance, I've learnt to be more particular about hygiene now. A small mistake can lead to problems," said Mr Noraidhil. He also learnt how to professionally set the table when serving different types of cuisines.

He added: "The most beneficial part of the course was learning from staff from other outlets, when we shared our experiences."

Mr Noraidhil joined Harry's early last year as a bar supervisor. This month, he was promoted to assistant outlet manager, after completing the nearly year-long WSQ course.

He is also part of the WDA's Train And Promote scheme, which aims to train Singaporeans with high potential and provide them with career advancement opportunities.

Training does not benefit only managers and supervisors.

Mr Noraidhil shares what he learnt in the course with his staff and colleagues at the bar.

"Now we're on the same page when we work. My staff know my next step and, as a result, we can cut customers' waiting times and deliver their orders to them quickly."